“There is everything to design but not merely by the design of more things” – Tony Fry

Toledotaegui is Manuel Toledo’s project-based work platform, aimed at initiating, connecting and developing projects in the spheres of architecture, design, film and media. Manuel Toledo’s mission is to facilitate encounters and interactions from an interdisciplinary perspective in order to connect ideas and people. To achieve his objectives he builds connections, investigates and formulates concrete advice for specific projects.

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About Manuel Toledo

Manuel studied Design and Public Space at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He has worked as an independent designer as well as for institutions, such as TUDelft in the development of a sustainable house in The Netherlands, and for the Urban-Think Tank in Zurich and Caracas on architecture projects in India and The Netherlands. Since 2012 he co-organizes the Arqfilmfest in Santiago, Chile, the first architecture film festival of Chile and Latin America. This festival has has now reached its third successful edition, and has grown with each iteration. Following his experiences in Santiago, he founded ArchFilmFest London, which will see its first edition in June 2016. In Rotterdam, as President of the Encuentros 2015 Conference, he enabled this gathering of the largest international network of Chilean researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals abroad to discuss the sustainable future of Chile.