Tour, Study, Trip, Architecture, Chile
Architectoura looks to promote and produce international awareness about Chilean architectural via the production of bespoke architecture tour programmes in Chile, dedicated to international architects and travellers.

ArqFilmFest Santiago 2018

Film, Architecture, Festival, Event, International, Chile
The ArqFilmFest Santiago 2018 invites you to see, feel and to think about cities in all continents through a four-day festival programme with screenings events, lectures, discussion panels, workshops, and installations.

ArchFilmFest London 2017

Film, Architecture, Festival, Event, International, UK
ArchFilmFest London will be the first festival in London to focus on architecture and film. A biennial, five-day event with screenings, physical installations, symposia, a competition, workshops and social events. ArchFilmFest London is partnered with the ArqFilmFest in Santiago, Chile.

ArqFilmFest Santiago 2015

Film, Architecture, Festival, Event, International, Chile
ArqFilmFest 2015 focused on the theme of urban transformations. The festival screened over fifty films, produced four talks and an international film competition. The invited international guests widened the audience’s view on cinema and the city.

Encuentros ChileGlobal Rotterdam 2015

Conference, Network, Research, Entrepeneurship, Education, Event, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Chile
The Encuentros Chile Global Rotterdam 2015 Conference aimed to advance a vision of what Chile’s sustainable development should look like. Its premises were that this vision can strongly benefit from the dialogue between Chileans in Chile and abroad and that the Netherlands is a particularly productive context for this discussion.

Guest Curator at Europese Stichting Joris Ivens

Film, Architecture, Poetry & Politics
European Foundation Joris Ivens invited Manuel Toledo Otaegui to select a film for their Politics and Poetry page and interviewed him about his choice for ‘The White Elephant’, directed by Felipe Engaña.

ArqFilmFest 2013

Film, Architecture, Festival, Event, International, Chile
The second version of ArqFilmFest in 2013 delivered four days of film and architecture on remarkable locations in downtown Santiago de Chile: the GAM and M100. The event engaged hundreds of spectators to watch films and discuss the challenges and opportunities for our built environment.

The Chilean White Elefant

Film, Architecture, Article, Critic.
The Ochagavia Hospital  is a monument of Chile’s turbulent history. This article provides context to this abandoned building and introduces a beautiful documentary about  the neighbours of this building. The article was published on, the online platform of Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.

The Ochagavia Hospital Case

Publication, Research, Context, Design, Chile
This design project focuses on the recovery of the abandoned space contained by the Ochagavia hospital building and its direct surroundings with active collaboration of the local community. This community with its muralist painter brigades is an example of cohesion, organization and social engagement.

ArqFilmFest 2012

Film, Architecture, Festival, Event, International, Chile
Latin America’s first architecture film festival took place in Santiago de Chile in October 2012. During four days there were talks, performances and exhibitions that addressed the interaction between film and architecture. Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) in downtown Santiago, hosted the event and an estimated 1700 spectators attended the festival free of charge.