About Toledotaegui

It was established in 2012 by Manuel Toledo as a project-based work platform, aimed at initiating, developing and delivering projects in the spheres of architecture, design and media.

Toledotaegui’s mission is to facilitate encounters and interactions from an interdisciplinary perspective to connect ideas and people. To achieve his objectives, he builds connections, investigates and formulates concrete advice for specific projects.

About Manuel Toledo

Manuel Toledo is a designer and producer, focused on relations within the arts and creative industries, with more than ten years of experience in the development and production of international collaborative projects.

Graduated in 2012 from Design Academy Eindhoven with a project focused on the recovery of public spaces and muralism in segregated urban areas in Santiago de Chile. He has worked for institutions such as TUDelft in The Netherlands and the Urban-Think Tank in Zurich and Caracas. His independent practise has focused on architecture and graphic design projects.

Manuel’s fascinations focus into topics crossing-over ranging from architecture design, media, art and businesses innovation. These have taken him to develop two film and architecture festivals, ArqFilmFest in Santiago de Chile since 2012, and most notably since 2017 the Architecture Film Festival in London, also hosting a successful international film competition unique to the UK.

His entrepreneurial perspective regarding his work led him to pursue a master’s degree at the Rotterdam Business School, graduating in August 2020, with research on innovative business models for film festivals.