About Toledotaegui

In 2012, Manuel Toledo established it as a project-based work platform aimed at initiating, developing, and delivering projects in the spheres of architecture, design, film, and media. Manuel works with clients and partners, building connections, investigating, and formulating concrete advice for specific projects to help them achieve their objectives.

About Manuel Toledo

Manuel Toledo is a driven producer and designer with over ten years of experience developing and producing international collaborative projects in the arts and creative industries. A multidisciplinary approach, excellent interpersonal and cultural communication skills enable him to work with diverse teams and clients from the cultural, corporate and academic sector.

Manuel is a creative professional with a keen problem-solving attitude, instrumental to his entrepreneurial mindset. Next to his freelance work, he is passionate about the relation between architecture and film, ceramic design and Latin American muralism.

He has done design research for TU Delft in The Netherlands and urban design for informal settlements at the Urban-Think Tank in their Zurich and Caracas offices. Manuel graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven with a project focused on recovering public spaces and muralism in segregated urban areas in Santiago de Chile.

The entrepreneurial aspects of his work led him to pursue a master’s degree at the Rotterdam Business School, graduating in 2020 with a thesis on innovative business models for media businesses.

Manuel’s fascination includes topics crossing over architecture, design, media, art and business innovations. This has taken him to develop two film and architecture festivals: ArqFilmFest in Santiago de Chile since 2012, and the Architecture Film Festival in London since 2017, hosting a successful international film competition unique to the UK.