ArqFilmFest 2012

Film, Architecture, Festival, Event, International, Chile

Chile´s first architecture film festival took place in Santiago de Chile the last week of October 2012.
During four days there were talks, performances and exhibitions that addressed the interaction between film and architecture. Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) in downtown Santiago, hosted the event and an estimated 1700 spectators attended the festival free of charge.
“Film is an excellent platform to broaden the context of architecture beyond the academic and technical world”  the event’s organizers explained. “We want everyone to realize that architecture is living and that it is part of our everyday lives. It directly affects and influences our relationships.”
The first edition of the festival consisted of a main program with about 50 films, an international film competition and a film workshop.
For the competition over 100 films were submitted from all over the world, out of which 27 were screened in the main program as part of the final selection round.
With about 40 participants the film workshop was a great success. During the four days of the festival, film makers, students, journalists and architects teamed-up to produce 10 pieces – arquimetrajes – that were evaluated by the festival jury.
The closing of the festival included the screening of “Ekumenopolis” (Imre Azem) and an on-stage music performance by LEM during the screening of an excerpt of “Metropolis” (Fritz Lang).

Manuel Toledo co-produced ArqFilmFest 2012, and was in charge of the festival’s international relations, for which he had contact with producers, directors and organizers of similar events around the world. He also collaborated in the curatorial process of the main program.

Team ArqFilmFest 2012 Up: Manuel Toledo, Francisca Muñoz, Andrés Daly, Pablo Casals Aguirre, Miguel Angel Contreras, Cristina Núñez. Down: Alejandra Ugarte, Ricardo Metayer, Cristián Raynaud, Martín Núñez.