ArqFilmFest 2015

Film, Architecture, Festival, Event, International, Chile

Cities and the urban environment are constantly changing. Cinema can capture dimensions of reality and document ideas about urban life and development of specific periods. For that reason, cinema has always played a fundamental role in giving testimony of urban transformation processes and creating awareness about these processes. Films enable us to learn from successful examples, failed attempts and urban disasters. The theme of ArqFilmFest 2015 was urban transformations. The festival posed questions about urban transformation via film screenings, and by creating a platform with talks and other events. ArqFilmFest want to inspire the audience with a kaleidoscope of images and sounds of urban environments in different places, enabling us to contemplate our current and desired city.
ArqFilmFest 2015 screened more than fifty films, hosted four talks and an international film competition for over a thousand visitors. There were international guests from Germany, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay, who broadened the audience’s view on cinema and the city. The festival celebrated cinema, architecture and the city during four days on two locations, Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM) and Museo de Artes Visuales (MAVI), thus creating a route in Santiago’s Lastarria neighborhood, a unique way to experience the life in the city.

Toledotaegui co-produced ArqFilmFest 2015. He was in charge of international relations and took collaborated in the curatorial process of the main program.