Encuentros ChileGlobal Rotterdam 2015

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What is Encuentros conference?

Encuentros began in Dresden, Germany,  in 2006 when a group of PhD students based in this city decided to organize a conference for Chileans abroad. Eight years later the Encuentros conference articulates the biggest network of Chilean students, researchers, professionals, and entrepreneurs outside Chile.
It is a unique platform for two kinds of collaborations that are crucial for the future of Chile: among Chileans living abroad and with a variety of host countries and international institutions. The conference is organized every year by a different group of volunteers on a different location. In July 2015, the ninth Encuentros conference took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Vision and mission

The Encuentros Chile Global Rotterdam 2015 Conference aimed to advance a vision of what Chile’s sustainable development should look like. Its premises were that this vision can strongly benefit from the dialogue between Chileans in Chile and abroad and that the Netherlands is a particularly productive context for this discussion. The mission for the three days conference was to generate a genuinely rich environment  for interaction. Various topics that are at the core of Chile’s sustainable development were addressed in an interdisciplinary and interactive way, with renown speakers and participants from various backgrounds and nationalities including Nobel Prize laureate Mohan Munasinghe.

Manuel Toledo was chairman of the organizing committee and played a key role in shaping the themes and format of the conference, as well as in the practical organization of the conference.

More information can be found in the conference booklet (view here) and on www.encuentros2015.org.