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[Chilean architecture has been] Tempered by low budgets, the absence of extravagant technical means, [and] the threat of frequent earthquakes.

Rodrigo Pérez de Arce

Architectoura looks to promote and produce international awareness about Chilean architecture via the production of customized tour programmes in Chile, dedicated to international architects and travellers.

By promoting a Chilean architecture with internationally-minded architects allows doing visible heritage preservation projects and connecting a network of international travellers in search to discover more about Chilean architecture.

The design and production of each tour programme are carefully crafted and produced in close collaboration with the travellers, giving space for specific expectations and desires early on in the process, and informed in the final programme proposal.

Each tour considers as fundamental elements of its execution, connecting the tour programme with the Chilean landscape, culinary and cultural expressions, such as mountains, sea, wine, food and film. All these elements allow for a richer story, offering a long-lasting experience for the visitors.